I'm Francis (Fan Yang), a fifth year at Carnegie Mellon University (B. Arch)   

Through my works I try to explore a poetic way of living, proposing unorthodox yet intuitive responses based on deep understanding of the program and site. 

Program-- Poetry in architecture could be found in the subtle yet ambiguous relation between form and function. For me the statement 'form follow function' ignores the complexity and potential of both form and function. When there's no formula for certain function (which is often the case), the form define and even invent the function. 

Site-- Poetry could also emerges from thoughtful manipulation of meaning. In this sense, architecture works as a language system, in which both the form and texture can suggest meaning (whether intentional or not). By using these messages we can compose dialogues with the natural, urban, or historical context of the site.




THESIS 2017: existential schema